Salary Survey

  • As part of the 2015 Design Week Salary Survey, you can match your pay against average salaries in the industry using the Design Week Salary Calculator.
  • We’re putting together some in-depth research on the state of play of the design industry, to see what it looks like, how much designers get paid (and how happy they are about it), as well as what perks designers are being offered.
  • What’s the average salary for a designer? Where in the country would you earn the most and which sectors are the best remunerated? Find out with the results of the 2015 Design Week Salary Survey.
  • Who are the happiest designers in the country? Where do they work and what are their specialisms? Find out with the 2015 Design Week Salary Survey.
  • How likely are designers to change jobs? And where should you go if you want to build and develop your career? Find out with the 2015 Design Week Salary Survey.
  • The 2015 Design Week Salary Survey has revealed that the majority of businesses fail to understand the full benefits that design can bring to an organisation.
  • We look at the key points from the Design Week/Creative Review Advertising Week Europe panel session, which involved Diageo’s Jeremy Lindley, Leon’s Jo Ormiston and SomeOne co-founder Simon Manchipp.