Workfront white paper: 5 ways to prove the value of your in-house creative team

Written by: Design Week
Published on: 9 Feb 2015

Value WhitePaper article image

Does your in-house creative team suffer from being sidelined with too much work, too many rush jobs, and too many reviews and revisions? And no matter how hard you work, is there still a perception by most of the company, even executives, that all your team does is pick out brand colors?

You’re not alone. More than 44 percent of in-house professionals said “gaining respect from internal clients” poses the greatest challenge for them in the near future.

You know your team offers real value to the company, but you lack the insights to prove it. And until you can, you won’t be able to:

  • Get the recognition you and your team deserve
  • Justify the resources and budgets you need
  • Get the “good jobs” instead of out-sourcing
  • Have a seat at the decision-making table

You may think that’s just the way it is—no matter what organisation you work for. But it’s not. You can gain the respect you deserve and the resources you need by following a few simple steps.

Keep reading to learn five simple things you can start doing now to prove the value of your in-house creative team.