Design Week Salary Survey – what you need to know

Written by: Angus Montgomery
Published on: 9 Apr 2015

Salary Survey article imageImage by flickr user JD Mack

Vital statistics

  • The average salary for designers in the UK is £33,443
  • Freelance designers earn more than those working for consultancies, while designers working in-house earn the least.
  • Designers working for networked consultancies earn more than those working for independent groups
  • Interior design is the best-paid sector, followed retail and branding. Editorial design is the lowest-paid sector
  • Men earn more than women, while designers working overseas command the highest salaries. Salaries in London outstrip the rest of the UK.

How much does the average designer earn?
More than 1,500 designers from across the country working in a variety of sectors have been surveyed for the 2015 Design Week creative survey.

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